What are sharks games?

Ever since Jaws first hit cinema screens in the 1970s, sharks have been a source of terror for most of us. Ancient, powerful, and ugly-looking, they’re the ultimate predator. And much like the film industry, games developers have often brought them in as villains for players to fight against (or flee from).Among the first games to be set predominantly under the water was Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Genesis. Given the setting, it’s no surprise that sharks featured as enemies throughout the game, most notably in the ‘open ocean’ level, where hordes of them swam toward poor Ecco at high speed.The first Resident Evil game famously featured a shark tank, which made for some memorable jump-scares. The largest shark, ‘Mother Neptune’, would bash her nose into the side of the tank while the player attempted to complete a puzzle. Only once the tank had been successfully drained could the monster be tracked down and electrocuted.Later games took this as inspiration, including Batman: Arkham City, where Penguin lures Batman into a gigantic area of open water, and forces him to face off with an enormous shark named Tiny. But sharks aren’t always rendered quite so realistically – those who played Banjo Kazooie on the N64 might recall being chased through Treasure Trove Cove by an irate shark named Snacker.Smaller studios have promoted sharks to the starring roles in their games. 2016’s Hungry Shark World and the upcoming Maneater by Tripwire Entertainment see the player take control of the world’s scariest predator – often with messy results!Here at Gamepix, we provide a range of different games involving sharks. They’re all free and available in HTML5, and thus capable of running on any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

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